@León Allez - 2K21. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

León Allez is a Chilean-born, Berlin-based illustrator and multidisciplinary artist exploring performance and multimedia through visual graphics, video, and animation.

León first studied Advertising in Chile, then moved to Sweden where they furthered their education by studying Digital Design, Feminist Studies & Film, and iOS Developing. This afforded them varied and versatile skills to work with different projects in multiple fields.  While in Sweden, they also worked as art director for NGOs and queer/LGBTQI* events such as Interfem Stockholm, Kvinnofolkhögskolan Göteborg and RFSL Stockholm.

León’s visual world has become a staple of the Berlin queer scene: their colorful and in-your-face video and graphic artworks have been featured in some of Berlin’s most notorious parties, including Gegen (Kit Kat Club), Room 4 Resistance, Plastic (Schwuz), This is a Free Zone Exhibition- Queerhana (NGBK), Lecken and BOAR.

Their artistic practice is inspired by their own experiences in Berlin nightlife as well as with gender and self-determination. Sometimes arresting and tentacular, sometimes more tongue-in-cheek, there is also often a forward-thinking edge to their art, pushing back against the normal, the expected and the trite.